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Pepsi Max

Many of us are continually looking for ways to cut down, watch our weight and to eat and drink more healthily.

However, does that reduction mean that you have to miss out on socialising at your favourite local?

We have a range of low-Calorie and sugar-free drinks, including great-tasting cola and lemonade, to enjoy on their own or as mixers.

Our Range

Our soft drinks range includes Pepsi Max, offering maximum taste with no sugar.

At just 2 calories in a 398ml serving, Pepsi Max gives you another fantastic low-calorie cola option.

R White’s Lemonade may not be an obvious diet drink of choice – it doesn’t even call itself low-Cal, sugar-free or a diet drink.

However, did you know that the famous 170-year-old brand has only 8 calories per 398ml serving?

In addition to the brand new Pepsi Max, our lemonade is also low-Calorie.

Growing the Fleet

Robert and Mary White produced the first R White’s lemonade and ginger beer in Camberwell, London, in 1845. The business grew so well that, by the late 1880s, R White’s had a distribution fleet of 309 horses and 203 vans.

In fact, during World War I, the company supplied over half of its horses and vans to the government’s war effort, without seriously damaging output. R White’s Lemonade remains just as popular today. It may be a low-calorie option, but it still contains real lemons and is a great, refreshing drink.